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The Garby Collection offers a distinguished line of surface-mounted, porcelain light switches and electrical outlets, reminiscent of timeless craftsmanship and functionality. The collection represents a seamless blend of traditional aesthetics with modern-day electrical needs.

Each light switch and electrical outlet in the Garby series is crafted from premium-quality porcelain, ensuring not only an appealing finish but also durability that stands the test of time. The design pays homage to classic styles, offering a sophisticated touch to any interior space.

What sets the Garby collection apart is its unique color palette. Beyond the standard black and white, customers are invited to explore options in subtle pastel hues, bringing a gentle splash of color into their homes or offices. Furthermore, for those with a penchant for classic decor, the collection includes pieces featuring intricate floral designs, akin to vintage, hand-painted porcelain plates.

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Garby Switch in White Porcelain
Garby Switch in White Porcelain with Brown Flowers
Garby Switch in White Porcelain with Blue Flowers
Garby Switch in White Porcelain with a Knob in Natural Beech
Garby Switch in Light Blue PorcelainGarby Switch in Light Blue Porcelain
Garby Switch in Green PorcelainGarby Switch in Green Porcelain
Garby Switch in Off-White PorcelainGarby Switch in Off-White Porcelain
Garby Light Switch in Pink PorcelainGarby Light Switch in Pink Porcelain
Garby Switch in Black Porcelain