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Colorful Light Switches

Porcelain, known for its durability and glossy finish, is a popular choice in interior design, including in electrical fixtures like switches. Our range of colorful porcelain switches combines practicality with visual appeal. These switches come in pastel colors, suitable for various interior styles, adding a subtle touch of color to any room.

For those who enjoy decorative elements, we also offer porcelain switches with detailed floral designs, reminiscent of traditional ceramic art. These not only fulfill their functional role but also serve as decorative pieces.

Despite their elegant design, our colorful porcelain switches are durable and safe, thanks to the material's non-conductive properties. Our collection caters to both modern and vintage decor styles, offering a balance of aesthetic charm, quality, and safety.

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Garby Switch in Light Blue PorcelainGarby Switch in Light Blue Porcelain
Garby Switch in Green PorcelainGarby Switch in Green Porcelain
Garby Switch in White Porcelain with Brown Flowers
Garby Switch in White Porcelain with Blue Flowers