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Garby Switch in Off-White Porcelain

Sale price675 kr

High-quality electrical switch in cru porcelain, a beautiful off-white color. 

The switch is crafted from one piece of porcelain and has a small opening at the side bottom for a cable exit. Two-way (alternation) switch, 16 AX - 250V~, CE-certified. The “Fontini” brand name is etched on the front of the switch.

The switch comes with both chrome-plated screws and antique brass-plated screws allowing you to choose which screws will be visible on the switch. CE-approved.

A two-way switch is the classic standard switch for turning a light on and off. It can also be used when a light is switched on and off from two different places, for example at each end of a corridor or staircase.

Diameter of base: 64 mm (2.52 in.)
Depth: 60 mm (2.36 in.) including knob

All of our products are made to order after your preferences. Contact us for the delivery time of the designs you are interested in.

Garby Switch in Off-White Porcelain
Garby Switch in Off-White Porcelain Sale price675 kr