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Plejd Bluetooth Light Dimmers

Plejd Bluetooth Light Dimmers are designed for seamless integration behind light switches, in electrical panels, or ceiling boxes. Featuring a universal design, they can handle loads up to 300VA and offer adjustable levels for optimal lighting control. The dimmers are easy to install in various settings, either in a mounting box or on a DIN rail. With built-in astronomical and weekly timers, lighting can be adjusted to follow the sun's cycle or specific times. Plejd's robust wireless mesh technology also allows for easy system expansion, making them ideal for both renovations and new constructions.

The Plejd app is a powerful yet user-friendly solution for controlling your Plejd Bluetooth Light Dimmers. With the app, you can easily make settings and adjustments with just a few clicks. The app also enables the creation of scenarios and schedules to automate your lighting. Its intuitive design and features make it simple to create a customized lighting environment in your home.

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