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Modern Design Electrical Light Switches Font Barcelona Nordic Switch
Vintage Electrical Light Switches Garby Dimbler Nordic Switch


Our focus is on offering quality electrical solutions that not only serve their intended purpose but also seamlessly fit into your interior design. We aim to give you the flexibility to harmonize your switches and outlets with your space's overall aesthetic, whether it's a modern or classic look you're going for.

That is why we offer the opportunity to customize your products by mixing and matching components like knobs, faceplates, and frames.
We believe in the importance of details and offer a variety of options to meet your specific requirements. Whether you're renovating an older property or designing a new one, our array of switches and outlets allows you to create a finished look that aligns with your vision.


Simplicity and essence, the core of the switch. 
The Dimbler collection brings us back to the early days when switches began to be a feature of homes. 
Envisaged for individual use, it enables us to regain the essence of the past and combine it with the benefits of the present.
Both in its 100% ceramic version in black and white and the brass dome model, Dimbler switches and outlets adds a touch of class to any installation.